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Insurance related disputes

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Insurance related disputes

People often go to significant expense to insure their incomes, their property and their lives.

There is unfortunately a growing incidence of insurers denying claims on these policies often using definitions of words and medical and non-medical information in a selective manner to avoid their responsibilities. These disputes can be technical and intimidating for many people. It is important then that you are legally represented to ensure you understand your entitlements but more importantly to ensure you are properly protected and represented.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most important cover you can take to protect you and your family. Claim on life insurance policies is never straightforward particularly given the large sums of money at stake.

Income Protection and Total and Permanent Disability

Many working people can access insurance cover through their employer funded superannuation for income protection and/or for a Total and Permanent Disability Benefit in circumstances where they are permanently unable to work. Chadwick Lawyers have specific expertise in this area.

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